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Have you tried to leave your relationship and can’t? Do you leave only to return back to the situation that you know is not good for you? 


In this episode, we will be covering “Trauma Bonds” in detail. We will educate you on what they are but more importantly, we will give you some tools to help you begin to break that bond that holds you tightly in a toxic abusive relationship. 


It’s not unusual for us to be stuck someplace, even trapped, and not even know it. No wonder it can be such a struggle to find ourselves.

One of the reasons why are the barriers of trauma bonds.  Trauma bonds are very real and they’re also very tricky.

They can easily fool us into believing that we’re the problem, that we’re the one in the relationship who’s responsible for all the abuse.


To make things even more of a challenge, it’s hard for us to recognize that trauma bonds exist and that we’re actually in their clutches.


But here’s the good news. There are steps you can take and things you can do to make them go away. You can finally answer the question, “Why do I stay so long in this toxic relationship?”


Join us as we walk you through the 4 steps you can take to break a trauma bond.

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4 Steps to Breaking a Trauma Bond

EP: 102

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Should I Stay
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Should I stay in this relationship, choose to recommit, and figure
out what needs to change, or should I end this relationship and give myself permission to leave and heal on my own?

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[o6:24] How to come up with a plan for how you will leave a relationship.

[08:25] The best way to keep a journal and why this is such a powerful tool in the healing process.

[18:17] How to use your non-negotiables to size up the quality of a relationship.

[o7:22] Why paying attention to your intuition is always a smart move.

[10:27] Why boundaries are so important and how they tend to shift in an abusive relationship.

21:24] How codependency really works and can easily spiral out of control.

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