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Self Sabotaging While Dealing with a Toxic Partner or Ex


We all do it.  We sabotage ourselves in all kinds of different ways and for all kinds of different reasons.

Including when we are dealing with a toxic partner or ex-partner. 


Will this ever stop?  Are there practices we can follow to make self-sabotage less of a habit?




It might seem like an unreasonable goal to expect we can make every last bit of self-sabotage disappear (because we actually don't want to - we will talk about it more), but we can definitely learn how to overcome.


In this episode, we will show you how to get started.


Like so many other steps we take on our healing journey, the first step is awareness, an understanding of what self-sabotage really is.


It’s essential to know how this disrupts your relationship, your life and your healing.


The challenge is to stop piling on shame.

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Self Sabotaging While Dealing With a Toxic Partner or Ex

EP: 106

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Should I Stay
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Should I stay in this relationship, choose to recommit, and figure
out what needs to change, or should I end this relationship and give myself permission to leave and heal on my own?

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[o6:24] How to come up with a plan for how you will leave a relationship.

[08:25] The best way to keep a journal and why this is such a powerful tool in the healing process.

[18:17] How to use your non-negotiables to size up the quality of a relationship.

[o7:22] Why paying attention to your intuition is always a smart move.

[10:27] Why boundaries are so important and how they tend to shift in an abusive relationship.

21:24] How codependency really works and can easily spiral out of control.

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