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One of the fascinating things about attachment styles is our ability to move from one style into another.


We aren’t stuck and we aren’t doomed.


Intentional behavior, the right practices and tools can move us from where we are to where we’d like to be.


And the attachment style where most of us would like to be is The Secure Attachment Style.


Membership is not exclusive. 

Feelings of security, self-confidence and clarity can be restored if they’ve been lost.  They can also be nurtured if they’ve never been present.


Changes can be made. Things can get better.  


We understand that moving out of an abusive or toxic relationship might seem impossible.


It’s not. This is because we have tools that let us move from one attachment style to another. 

Building the self-esteem that’s needed for this takes courage.


After all, we’re dealing with a lifetime of behaviors. Attachment styles are formed early in life.  The process actually begins in infancy through nonverbal and emotional interactions.


The right practices and tools can help.  So can patience and time.

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The Secure Attachment Style

EP: 117

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Should I Stay
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7:30-12:40-discussion about kids’ attachment styles with divorced parents, study shows no relation between the two, T & K’s personal experiences modeling healthy relationships to their kids/grandkids

26:21-28:08-taking care of yourself physically, good physically and mentally,  teach your brain “I can do hard things”

3:35-5:05-how secure attachments are formed, insecure people can become secure, and vice versa

[30:56-32:35]-insight, acceptance = emotional freedom, stop avoiding dealing with past things/feelings, let flame engulf you so you can feel the things, do the work, and move forward

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