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Do you have questions about your relationship? Is it toxic? What are red flags in dating? What is love bombing? 


Well, you aren't alone!


In this special episode, we answered our listener questions, and odds are, at least one of your questions was answered by Kierstyn and Tiffany as they coached people navigating relationship turmoil live.


Want your question answered? Don't worry! We will be doing this periodically, so make sure you are following us on Instagram to have your questions answered in the future!

In this episode we just announced that we are now accepting applications to our new mentorship program, Accelerate. 


Accelerate is a 3-month mentorship for women who want to curate more peace, happiness, and confidence to accelerate their healing in community.


Over three months, we will be doing intentional work to help you reconnect with your body, mind, and soul. If you are craving connection and want to level up your healing, then 'Accelerate' is perfect for you!

In Accelerate, our goal is to work with you to achieve the things you can truly control… ourselves, our responses, our actions, our boundaries, and our healing.


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Applications will close August 7, 2022.

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Live Q&A with Tiffany and Kierstyn

EP: 119

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Learn more about a 4-week intensive to explore your current situation and decide if you should stay or leave your relationship


Should I Stay
or Should I Go?

Should I stay in this relationship, choose to recommit, and figure
out what needs to change, or should I end this relationship and give myself permission to leave and heal on my own?

If you are asking any of these questions, this 4 week clarity intensive is for you




[2:19-3:30]-q&a about partner says he’s doing work, but she’s not seeing changes…change takes time, ask him questions, look into other modalities of help

[13:30-18:00]-q&a about red flags and if NPD is a personality disorder…love bombing, notice how they treat others, lots of ups and downs, jealousy. Don’t need a diagnosis of NPD for it to feel off

[10:40-13:17]-q&a about feeling guilty for moving out…emotionally abusive = manipulated/groomed to feel guilt for that, set boundaries, get support, internal work

[23:50-25:24]-q&a about having the strength to go no contact…explanation of trauma bond (physical and chemical)

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