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EP: 120

Tips to Survive the Holidays with a Narcissist

With the holidays coming, there's almost a shift in the air.


Things can start to feel heavy when you know that those holidays mean you are dealing with someone that has narcissistic tendencies.


If you're feeling that way, this episode is for you.


Kierstyn and Tiffany share some great examples of narcissists from some of our holiday movies to start off this episode, then we'll talk about what a narcissist is, tools you can use to to protect your energy, how to not feed into a narcissist and more.



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{10:39-11:42} one example of how a covert narcissist differs from a grandiose one…talks badly about themselves for attention. Pay attention to your energy/how you feel around them

{17:56-18:24} they don’t have emotional maturity, they will react as such. Don’t feed into it.

{15:04-16:06} don’t poke the bear…remove yourself from them and take a minute to do what you need. They don’t have the maturity to be rational.

{21:34-23:20} realistic aspect that you might still have the person in your life…maybe not ready/not able to cut them completely out. Don’t be too hard on yourself…lots of things at play.

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