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Why You Should Set Intentions vs Goals

EP: 122

New Years is the time where it seems like everyone, everywhere are busy making goals.


But this year we want to invite you to change your mindset from making goals to setting intentions. In today’s episode we walk you through this mindset shift and explain why the difference is so powerful.

If you struggle with perfectionism around goals then shifting to intentions will help break the failure cycle that sometimes come along with goal and a perfectionism view.

How many times have you set a goal at the new year, only to feel discouraged by January 27th? It sucks, and we don’t want that for you this year. 

We have really gone deep and studied this, worked with multiple clients, tried it ourselves, tweaked, and developed this system. It's a really thought out system to help you succeed in life and in your healing journey. You can apply this to any sort of goal, whether that's physical, spiritual, mental. Whatever it may be. You can use this and today we're gonna invite you to change the word from goal to intention.



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{20:36-21:33} don’t make your “why” your people. Remove the shame of letting them down if/when you fail, by making sure they’re not your “why”

{27:08-28:16 ask yourself “what do I want to be feeling or experiencing differently than I am now” = motivating factor. When you know your Motivating Factor and why, you’re living on purpose

{29:08-31:44} explaining and example of 7 layers of why…trying to go deeper to tip the scale from your current life and move out of your comfort zone

{37:47} When you said bottom of the valley or top of the mountain it just kind of hit me that’s how healing is some days we are in the valley and other on top. I just really like that.

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