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Relationship Anxiety

EP: 125


Have you ever wondered if you're just incapable of maintaining a healthy, committed relationship?


This constant worry has a name, and it's called relationship anxiety.


This is so common, in fact we see it in our clients all the time. It refers to those feelings of worry and security and doubt that can pop up in a relationship, even if everything's going relatively well.

In this episode we cover what is relationship anxiety and how does it manifest in relationships.


We’ll talk about how to recognize if you are sabotaging the relationship out of fear and what to do about it. We walk through working through past hurts and establishing boundaries (we even throw ourselves under the bus a little bit here), working through low self worth and how to empower yourself so you can move into a secure space in your relationships.



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{11:42-12:56} worrying partner is going to break up with you, can be a big problem when you change your behavior to ensure they stay, be careful about using “divorce” as a threat

{13:51-15:06} self sabotage often shows up because we’re moving in a good direction. Critter brain trying to snap us back. Try not to be hard on yourself about it

{28:15-29:15} help with the anxiety…practice good communication. Use “I” statements. “You” statements can feel like an attack. 

{29:17-30:34} talk to a coach or therapist. Can help you get to a place of peace. And be ready to be in another relationship from a better place without the anxiety. 

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