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5 Green Flags to look for in Dating

EP: 127


This week we are continuing the theme of dating. It's easily one of our most requested topics. 


You are wanting information about dating. A lot of you are worried about red flags and continuing in new relationships. You’re not sure what to do. 


We wanted to shift the focus this week from red flags and warning signs to green flags and what good and amazing things to look for in relationships or to pay attention to when you see them come up. 

We love this focus on the good, because here at The Relationship Recovery we deal with a lot of heavy stuff sometimes and so it’s refreshing to be able to talk about and focus on a lot of the good things in dating and in relationships. 


5 Green Flags to Look For in Dating: 

  1. How well they treat people

  2. The introduce you to friends and family 

  3. They apologize and take accountability when they make a mistake 

  4. They show compassion and empathy for others (especially you) 

  5. They set healthy boundaries and honor yours

BONUS:  They know their goals and values


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{8:58-10:03} watch how they treat others, Tiff’s personal experience seeing how her husband treated people when they were dating

{11:35-12:39} they are willing/want to introduce you to their friends and family (on the right timeline). Which shows they are well loved and know how to have healthy relationships

{14:21-15:34} everyone makes mistakes, one argument or if they do the wrong thing one time, it doesn’t mean it’s a deal breaker. Healthy people know how to apologize and say they’re wrong.

{17:17-18:39} healthy people/relationships set healthy boundaries. Many people struggle with them because they want to be liked.

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