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5 Steps to
Setting Boundaries with a Toxic Person

EP: 130

This episode we are diving into boundaries and specifically boundaries with a narcissist. 


This is an important topic because so often we think that when we are dealing with a toxic person or somebody with a personality disorder we go straight to just cutting them out of our lives completely and we often don’t think to use boundaries. 


The truth is though, that we can’t always cut people out of our lives and by learning how to apply better boundaries we can help ourselves to have better relationships and interactions with those people. 

In this episode we share 5 tips when it comes to setting boundaries with a narcissist. 


  1. Decide what behaviors you are willing to accept. 

  2. Don’t justify, overexplain, or overshare. 

  3. Have an exit plan or strategy 

  4. Realize that setting boundaries isn’t a one time thing. It’s a continuous process that you will have to come back to. 

  5. Have compassion for yourself when you fall short of setting or holding a boundary.


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3:08 Review of the Week

4:46 Why is it hard to let go of a toxic relationship?

7:45 5 steps in setting boundaries with a narcissist || Step 1: What are you willing to accept

9:06 Step 2: Don't justify, over explain, or overshare

11:08 Step 3: Have an exit plan

20:14 Step 4 Realize that setting a boundary isn't a one time thing

26:37 Step 5: Have compassion for yourself when you fall short of setting a boundary


30:37 Affirmation of the week:

I use this time to gain clarity about exactly what love means to me and what my standard for relationships are.

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