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Taylor Frankie Paul DV & Listener Questions

EP: 131

It's a Hollywood Hot Take Takeover today with the recent news of local (to us) influencer Taylor Frankie Paul being arrested on Domestic Violence charges. Tiffany and Kierstyn dive head first into this topic, covering what this type of abuse looks like, why it’s not only women who are victims, men can be too, why it's hard to get out, trauma bonds, and addictions. 


While it’s easy to get sucked into Instagram and Tik Tok drama we wanted to use this real life example to talk about domestic violence and more importantly make sure we offer resources for where you can find help if you or someone who know is in this type of situation. 

You can find help and resources at and 



We also answer a few listener questions we've had come in recently like why is it so hard to leave an abusive relationship, how to deal with the pain of a cheating spouse, and how to work someone with an avoidant attachment style. 


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4:23-5:27 - it’s important to talk about that DV isn’t always a man abusing a woman…it can happen in any relationship dynamic

8:12-9:32 - importance of reporting DV, Tiff’s personal story, Gabby Petito 

13:53-14:54-why it’s so hard to leave a relationship with an abusive ex, explanation of trauma bond/cycle of abuse

16:01-17:57 - tips for dealing with a partner that has an avoidant attachment style, recognizing what your attachment style is so you can do the work to get to a secure place

21:55-23:22 - important to do work (either together with the partner if you stayed, or on your own) to work through the betrayal trauma so it doesn’t continue to show up in your relationships

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