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We know the holiday season can be difficult, so we wanted to provide you some extra support options & help you find JOY! 

On-Demand Retreat:
Joy in a Difficult Season 

An On-Demand Retreat- 5 Hours of Support, Inspiration, & Support. Designed To Help You While Navigating the Holidays After Divorce,  Coparenting, While Navigating Difficult or Toxic Family Members,  and more...

Check Out Our Latest Podcast for Support During The Holiday Season: 

Ep: 121

Tips to
Survive the Holidays with a Narcissist

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With the holidays coming, there's almost a shift in the air.


Things can start to feel heavy when you know that those holidays mean you are dealing with someone that has narcissistic tendencies.


If you're feeling that way, this episode is for you. Kierstyn and Tiffany share some great examples of narcissists from some of our favorite holiday movies to start off this episode, then we'll talk about what a narcissist is, tools you can use to to protect your energy, how to not feed into a narcissist and more.

Ep: 120

Finding Joy
in a
Difficult Season

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The Relationship Recovery Podcast is back for season 2!! We are shaking things up and here's what can expect this season. We've got fun new segments, like Hollywood Hot Takes, Weekly Affirmations, Live Q&A's and so much more. 

For this episode we wanted to talk to you about the holidays and if you are feeling like it's a little hard to find joy in this season. If so, this episode is for you.
We are sharing our favorite tools for taking care of yourself during a hard season (like the holidays). We cover how to maintain boundaries, creating your own magical holiday experiences, being proactive vs reactive, the power of gratitude, how to pour into yourself and so much more.

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