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This is the attachment style we see when somebody wants a connection and closeness, but at the same time they want to avoid a serious relationship.


That’s quite a contradiction, isn’t it?


What a curious disconnect. This longing to be close but a refusal to get into anything serious. The fear becomes overpowering.


No wonder these relationships lurch along, starting and stopping for no obvious reason. The self-doubt and the self-criticism keep things uncertain and off-balance.

There’s more to this than somebody not knowing what they want.


What we run into here is a pattern that tends to repeat itself. Events of the past return to shape today’s behaviors, feelings and desires. 


Would you like to know more?


Even if you’re pretty sure you don’t fit into this this style, it’s definitely helpful to understand it.   

When Relationships Blow Hot And Cold, the Reason Why Could Be A Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style.


Do you know someone who gets into a relationship and from the very start they are convinced the relationship is doomed?


It’s a pattern that can seem impossible to shake.


These people have the rarest of the 4 different attachment styles. It’s the Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style.

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The Fearful Avoidant 
Attachment Style

EP: 116

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characteristics of fearful avoidant, where it comes from, tendency to end up in abusive relationships.

[23:08-23:55] healing the traumatic pieces around childhood to help move to a more secure attachment style

[13:05-14:30] tend to end up in abusive relationships due to repeating pattern from childhood…you do what you know, unless you seek help

[24:53-25:33] if you’re the more secure partner with a fearful avoidant, be aware of not jumping in to rescue/care take, or self abandon

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