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No Matter Where You Are On Your Journey,

It’s Helpful To Know When The Risks Of Divorce Are Highest


When you look at the data on divorce and see the years of a marriage when divorces are likely to take place, a fascinating picture comes into focus.


First of all, we take data with a grain of salt.  Every marriage is different.  Random events pop up.  


Love, commitment and understanding aren’t events written on a calendar like a dentist appointment.


They are the foundations of a relationship and the shakier they are, the higher the risk of divorce.

Divorce risk according to the length of time you’re married ebbs and flows.  There are safe years and hard years.


There are times when the hope things will get better is stronger than the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.


What stands out is how tough the early years are. The adjustments that are so essential to a marriage can be impossible for some people to make.  


No wonder so many marriages crash and burn so quickly. 


10% of marriages fail in the first two years.


It’s heartbreaking.  It’s also a vivid reminder of how important it is to apply the lessons of a first failed marriage to make a second marriage a success.

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Can you determine divorce by length of years?

EP: 118

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[8:21-9:21]-first year of marriage is high risk for divorce…easy to just part ways, things aren’t too complicated, finding out more about person, self sabotage.

[09:03] The overlooked impact of self-sabotage and how it can trigger a divorce. 

[6:01] How to make decisions about whether to stay or go.

[18:38-19:58]-interesting info about marrying in 30’s/ divorcing in 50’s which is pretty common…Great Divorce, greater risk of cheating in 50’s

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