4 Steps to Stop Self Talk

We all have the voice in head that tells us that we are not “good enough”, that voice that judges us, puts us down and can be down right mean.

This voice in our head tells us things that we would never say to someone else. Especially someone we love. Unfortunately, no one is immune to their inner critic but fortunately there are some things we can do to quiet it down.

Use these tips to quiet your “inner critic” :

Our first suggestion is to be aware of your inner critic. As with most things, awareness is key. Once we have this awareness we start to gain control of the critic.

We must make a conscience effort to slow down and observe the dialogue we are having with ourselves and recognize it as soon as it be comes a negative conversation.

A good exercise that you can do is keep a journal each day of the inner critic that comes out. Each time you notice yourself saying negative things or starting to doubt yourself, just jot a few of those words or phrases down. Whether it is phrases or situations put them to paper. They can be anything like “I am such an idiot, I forgot to set my alarm and I was late for class.” Or “Why should I even try starting a new business it won’t work anyway.”

The more you do this exercise the more you will notice that it’s your inner critic talking not your authentic self.

Our second suggestion is to separate yourself from your inner critic. The one thing that the human brain loves is too label things. When things have a name then it makes more sense to us. So to separate the inner critic go ahead and give it a name. This name could be something silly like “li’l miss sunshine” or just a regular name like “Sally”. Either way give your critic a name and its own identity.

Thirdly, Talk back to your inner critic. Meaning, go ahead and tell the inner critic that they can go away and that you no longer need their services. When we do this we can begin to start down the path to being kind and loving ourselves again. We must work hard to change the stories we tell ourselves that are untrue and replace them with the stories that are true.

And finally, replace the critic. It's time to grow your inner voice. We can do this by replacing the words of shame, doubt and negativity with something more positive. Start noticing the good things about yourself. Your positive traits are in there, but more than likely you will have to do a little searching because you have told yourself the opposite for so long.

To break free from the negative self talk for once and for all, you must start to take action every time the inner critic starts driving the bus.

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