Trauma Bonds: How to Break Free

What are Trauma Bonds? How to we recognize them? And how do we get out of them?

Trauma bonds occur in extremely toxic and abusive relationships.

Trauma Bonds are strengthened by inconsistent positive reinforcement and based around the hope that the traumatic partner will become better and the relationship will be what you have always wanted.

Trauma bonding can feel like an addiction to another person. The relationship gives you these small moments of euphoria and then quickly turns to a soul crushing experience.

Unfortunately these types of relationships are abusive and are never heathy. Breaking a Trauma Bond is one of the most difficult things to do, but It can be done.

Let’s take a look at some signs that you are in a Trauma Bond.

1-You start to believe that being treated poorly is normal.

2-You defend your abuser and justify his/her actions.

3-You live in a fantasy of what the story could be rather than what the reality is.

4-You have repetitive fights about the same things that never get resolved.

5-You want to leave the relationship but you feel like you can’t. The thought of being without them physically makes you sick.

6-You keep trying to “convert” your spouse into becoming the person that treats you right.

7-You secretly crave the drama in your relationship because you feel that negative attention is better than no attention.

8-“Crumbs” of affection and love make your day.

9-You stay because you feel tha