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EP: 107

How To Answer The Ultimate Relationship Question:

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


What if we were so stuck in an abusive relationship, so blinded to the realities and so numbed by the pain that we could never even question what’s going on?


That would be so much worse than being aware of the problems.

Trying to figure things out, and the fact you recognize what is happening to you is a step in the right direction.


The more clarity you have about the true nature of the relationship the better off you are.


This clarity leads to good decisions.  Ultimately, the big decision is whether or not the relationship is one you should stay in.


The first step to getting the clarity you need is to listen to your intuition. The challenge many of us face is that for whatever reason, we lose touch with ourselves.The inner voices of our intuition are either muted, distorted or silenced.


Maybe it’s because of gaslighting from an abusive partner or maybe it’s just because we’re numb.


But the intuition hasn’t gone away.  It’s still there and if we try to listen, if we make the effort to listen and if we practice this, we’ll take a huge step forward on the healing journey.


Here’s how to start making sound decisions about the future of your relationship.

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Should I Stay in
My Relationship or Should I Go?

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Should I Stay
or Should I Go?

Should I stay in this relationship, choose to recommit, and figure
out what needs to change, or should I end this relationship and give myself permission to leave and heal on my own?

If you are asking any of these questions, this 4 week clarity intensive is for you




[o6:24] How to come up with a plan for how you will leave a relationship.

[08:25] The best way to keep a journal and why this is such a powerful tool in the healing process.

[18:17] How to use your non-negotiables to size up the quality of a relationship.

[o7:22] Why paying attention to your intuition is always a smart move.

[10:27] Why boundaries are so important and how they tend to shift in an abusive relationship.

21:24] How codependency really works and can easily spiral out of control.

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