Tiffany + Kierstyn


Tiffany and Kierstyn started The Relationship Recovery community and movement in hopes of reaching as many people as possible that are navigating hard things in or out of any relationship.


Tiffany and Kierstyn met each other during a time that was extremely difficult for each of them. They were both amid divorces and found great comfort in the ability to lean on each other for support. However, what they did not find, were the tools and resources they needed to help them heal and get out of the place of feeling “stuck.”


Collectively they have both walked through infidelity,  domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, codependency, lack of healthy boundaries, perfectionism, and everything else in-between that comes with the aftermath of unhealthy, toxic, or traumatic relationships. 

Tiffany and Kierstyn specialize in helping you reconnect and heal yourself through a specific process. This process has helped thousands of people step out of fear, heal the damage that was done, and find confidence and peace again. 

Through their own struggles and years of doing their own healing work, they have found a proven roadmap to help others. 


This process starts with learning and implementing the foundations of healing, then moving into reprocessing the stories, limiting beliefs and traumas that you have endured, and finally, helping you build up your self-worth, self-love and confidence so you can step into the life you desire and deserve.


The Relationship Recovery gives a safe place for people to heal through their social media communities, online pay what you can events, retreats, group coaching, 1:1 coaching and 2:1 coaching programs. 


The Relationship Recovery joins forces with local agencies who provide services to people and then give a portion of their proceeds back to help further the cause. 


Certified Life+Health Coach, CMP

Tiffany Denny is the co-founder of the Relationship Recovery and is a survivor of domestic violence, narcissistic abuse & Infidelity. She believes that all women should be able to be in a safe and loving relationship.


She is also a firm believer that women need to be educated in domestic abuse/violence and know what resources are available for them to get out safely. After several years of intense therapy, she was able to reclaim herself and live the life she was meant to live.


Her mission is to help as many women as possible leave an abusive relationship without being harmed, and then to give these women the resources needed to re-establish their lives. 

Tiffany is the mother to 6 children and nana to 6 grand-babies. She currently lives in Bountiful, Utah with her husband Tim, daughter Libbey and her golden retrievers Roscoe and Ruby. Tiffany is a certified meeting planner, life coach, and entrepreneur.



Tiffany Denny

Tiffany has a passion for helping women develop themselves personally and professionally, and for allowing others to see the joys and heartaches in her life to help them find strength in their own journey.


Kierstyn Franklin


Certified Life+Health Coach

Kierstyn Franklin is the co-founder of The Relationship Recovery and is a survivor of divorce, emotional abuse, and infidelity.  When her first marriage ended not only did she feel as though her current world had crashed down before her, but she felt like her future plans had been wiped away as well.  She suddenly was a single mother, and alone.  She kept asking herself how she ended up here.

One day Kierstyn heard that quote that would change her life. "We accept the love we think we deserve."  Although on a conscious level, she believed she deserved more, on a subconscious level she didn't. From there she started her life-long journey of self-love and recovery.

She sought help from professional counselors, leaders, and mentors. However, where she found the most healing was from other women that had been through similar trials.

Kierstyn is passionate about helping other women find support, love, acceptance, and growth to love themselves and make it so they can love someone else. She's a firm believer in community and helping others. 

Kierstyn is now happily married to her husband TJ, and they are working and growing together every day. They are proud parents of three beautiful children Luke, Grey and CeCe. Although, Luke is from her previous marriage they choose to make a blended family, not a separated one. Her boys are her focus and reason for everything she does. Kierstyn is a certified health and life coach through The Health Coach Institute.  

Our coaches are proud graduates of the Health Coach Institute.  Completing both their life & health coach certifications.