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Everything from self-care items, books, and everything in between to treat yourself! You desere it

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Such a darling symbol to celebrate being a mama, under $20!  Click Here


A fave of Kierstyn & Tiffany's.  It's the perfect lip for every day and a night look. It's affordable and hydrating. Click Here


Written by Tiffany & Kierstyn, the Amazon #1 New Release in Divorce is the perfect way. he Breakup Book of Affirmations includes motivational mantras you can repeat in the mirror, write in your journal, and take time to reflect on as you forge a new path toward happiness and self-love.​


Sometimes it can feel impossible to make time for yourself... so we loved the idea of a 15 minute pamper kit. 5 MIN Sheet Mask (x3) + 15 MIN Hair Mask (x1) + 15 MIN Eye Mask (x1) + 15 MIN Hand Mask (x1) + 15 MIN Foot Mask (x1) PAMPER ME KIT – Naisture 15 MIN Pamper Me Kit is an All-In-One skincare kit that includes head-to-toe care masks to give you a pleasant home-spa care experience! Click Here


Tiffany's favorite scent to use to ground her! Lavendar is known for it's calming scent. These Lavender Bundles are 100% Natural Dried Lavender Flowers. Perfect for decor and serenity. Click Here. 


We love when something inspires AND gives an exercise.  So this deckis our pick!This engaging deck makes it easy to bring awareness, calm, and joy to everyday life. Each card includes an inspiring phrase on the front and a bite-sized mindfulness exercise on the back.. Click Here. 


Kierstyn's latest find and in some of our favorite colors! Solo watch band. Stretchy and comfortable for the gym & everyday life! Click Here. 

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