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Cultivate compassion for yourself with 125 post-breakup affirmations

Looking ahead after a difficult breakup can seem impossible—but words of wisdom and encouragement can help you heal. The Breakup Book of Affirmations includes motivational mantras you can repeat in the mirror, write in your journal, and take time to reflect on as you forge a new path toward happiness and self-love.

  • Healing affirmations—Nurture your relationship with yourself, elevate your self-esteem, and cultivate a positive mindset with affirmations that support your healing journey.
  • Quick bursts of positivity—Easy-to-read affirmations help you boost your compassion and confidence in the moments you need it most.
  • Written for all relationships—Inclusive affirmations promote self-kindness and offer support for people of all identities.


Give yourself the space and tools to grow self-love and compassion with this affirmation journal.

The Breakup Book of Affirmations

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