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Anxious-Preoccupied Attachment Styles Ep: 115

What To Do About The Anxious Preoccupied Attachment Style?

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What to Expect This Episode:

You’re at a big advantage when you know about the 4 different attachment styles.

You can navigate relationships with more clarity, you can move to a more secure place and you can turn negative behaviors into positive ones. Naturally, this doesn’t happen overnight. But with some intentional work you can make progress more quickly than you might think.

This is one of the benefits of knowing about these styles. What do we see with people with The Anxious Preoccupied Attachment Style? Many feel underappreciated. Something else that’s easily noticed is how things in life that should seem normal, and in fact are normal, don’t appear normal at all. People in this attachment style often seem to stir up jealousy. They worry a lot.

There are negative reactions – when there’s no need for these reactions to take place. Little things that don’t matter much blow up.

They cause all sorts of pointless drama and hurtful tension. One of the reasons for this is low self-esteem. But there are other forces at play which we’ll share with you on this podcast.

Let’s spend a few minutes together to see what The Anxious Preoccupied Attachment Style is all about.

In this podcast, you’ll discover…

Why roughly 1 in 5 people fall into this style.

Why some people worry so much about abandonment.

Why perfectionism and insecurity so often go hand in hand.

How to move beyond the clinginess that can derail a relationship.

So, relax, find a comfortable spot and join us on this podcast. xoxo Kierstyn and Tiffany


Listener Favorite Moments:

The connections between feeling loved and wanting to be a perfectionist.

What to do when you feel you're on an emotional roller coaster that never stops. Why it’s so common to constantly feel insecure about where you stand in the relationship.

The strange similarities between a relationship and a car accident.

Why being in a relationship with someone who’s highly secure doesn’t mean this security will automatically rub off on you.

How to break the habit of always questioning your self-worth.

What to do about your thirst for reassurance.


Haven't Listened to This Episode? Listen Now!

Already listened & looking for the resource for this week's episode? Here it is!


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