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Is It Narcissistic Abuse? How to Know Ep: 168

Kierstyn and Tiffany dive deep into narcissistic relationships and what IS narcissism anyway. They break down why a diagnosis doesn't matter - what matters is YOUR experience.

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What to Expect This Episode:

They've been there: Hear their experiences and know you're not alone.

What is narcissistic abuse? Learn about the key characteristics and manipulative tactics narcissists use.

The cycle of abuse: Idealization (love bombing), devaluation, and discard.

Is it happening to you? Recognize the signs and empower yourself.

Tiffany and Kierstyn encourage listeners to share their experiences, insights, and advice for those trying to leave a narcissistic partner. They emphasize the importance of self-care, patience, and perseverance throughout the healing process.

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**The National Domestic Violence Hotline is provided for anyone experiencing violence in their relationship. Ultimately, the choice to stay or leave depends on your specific situation, but these questions can be a helpful starting point.

This episode is for you if you struggle to know whether you should stay or go..

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