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BONUS: Healing Heartbreak with Powerful Affirmations Ep: 169

Sometimes, moving on from a breakup feels impossible. But guess what? You're stronger than you think! In this special bonus episode, we're diving into our very own "Breakup Book of Affirmations" to share our favorite words of encouragement. These affirmations are specifically designed to help you heal that broken heart, let go, and step boldly into your bright future. Let's find the perfect affirmations to empower your journey!

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What to Expect This Episode:

Key Points Covered:

• Why affirmations matter: We'll discuss how affirmations can rewire your brain for positive thinking and self-love after a breakup.

• Powerful picks: We'll read out some of our most impactful affirmations from the book, explaining why each one is so valuable during the healing process.

• How to use them: We'll offer insider tips on how to make affirmations a powerful part of your daily routine.

• Tiffany and Kierstyn share their own experiences and how grateful they are for their journey and where it took them

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