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Emotional Abuse is Literally Shrinking your Brain Ep: 128

Did you know your brain physically shrinks from cortisol hormone spikes?

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What to Expect This Episode:

This week we are diving into the correlation between abuse and the effects it has on your brain. When you are in an emotionally abusive relationship you are under high levels of stress for long period of time. Causing a spike in cortisol which can then lead to the shrinking of your hippocampus- the part of your brain where memories are retained and released. Hence why many who have been in these relationships claim they have short term memory loss and confusion.

Research from Stanford University has shown a direct correlation between the shrinking of the hippocampus and high levels of cortisol. “The brains production of new neurons and laying down connections to others takes place in the hippocampus" (Goleman, 2006, p. 273). Goleman also stated, The hippocampus is especially vulnerable to ongoing emotional distress, because of the damaging effects of cortisol (p. 273). When the body endures ongoing stress, cortisol affects the rate at which neurons are either added or subtracted from the hippocampus. This can have grave results on learning. When the neurons are attacked by cortisol, the hippocampus loses neurons and is reduced in size. In fact, duration of stress is almost as destructive as extreme stress. Goleman explained, Cortisol stimulates the amygdala while it impairs the hippocampus, forcing our attention onto the emotions we feel, while restricting our ability to take in new information (pp. 273-274).” -By Kim Saeed - Author, Researcher, Educator

xoxo Kierstyn and Tiffany


Listener Favorite Moments:

[6:56]- Hollywood Hot Takes. Tiffany takes on Sister Wives

[13:01]- How your brain is physically affected by emotional abuse

[15:38]- Different parts of your brain, hippocampus and amygdala

[17:03]- It's important that we remember that if we've been through these situations, we can get the right kind of help.

[25:29]- Affirmation of the week: "I refuse to overthink my situation, but instead choose to fill my answer. My heart will lead me to clarity and I trust its wisdom."


Haven't Listened to This Episode? Listen Now!

Already listened & looking for the resource for this week's episode? Here it is!


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