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Secure Attachment Style Ep: 117

What To Do About The Secure Attachment Style

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What to Expect This Episode:

Even If You Don’t Believe You Can Feel Secure In A Relationship Today, This Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Prepare For Tomorrow One of the fascinating things about attachment styles is our ability to move from one style into another.

We aren’t stuck and we aren’t doomed. Intentional behavior, the right practices and tools can move us from where we are to where we’d like to be. And the attachment style where most of us would like to be is The Secure Attachment Style.

Membership is not exclusive. Feelings of security, self-confidence and clarity can be restored if they’ve been lost. They can also be nurtured if they’ve never been present. Changes can be made. Things can get better.

We understand that moving out of an abusive or toxic relationship might seem impossible. It’s not. This is because we have tools that let us move from one attachment style to another. But let’s confront the realities. Let’s not underestimate the challenges that come with stepping out of an attachment style that’s Anxious-Preoccupied, Dismissive-Avoidant or Fearful-Avoidant. Building the self-esteem that’s needed for this takes courage. After all, we’re dealing with a lifetime of behaviors.

Attachment styles are formed early in life. The process actually begins in infancy through nonverbal and emotional interactions. The right practices and tools can help. So can patience and time.

The Secure Attachment Style doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee. We need to be intentional to stick with this style because events can send us reeling. Toxic relationships and trauma are just two of the culprits. Intentional behavior is the key to keeping your Secure Attachment Style. So, what are these tools and best practices to use so we can move forward?

Let’s spend a few minutes together to find out and see what to do.

In this special podcast, you’ll discover…

What it takes to have a secure attachment style.

The best tools to help you regulate your emotions.

The role of self-esteem and self-compassion.

How a divorce is most likely to impact your kids.

So, get comfortable, find a quiet place and join us for this podcast. No matter how discouraged or hurt you might feel, please keep in mind that things can get better. There are steps you can take to put the pain behind. xoxo Kierstyn and Tiffany


Listener Favorite Moments:

[o3:49] When and how the influences of an attachment style begin.

[o5:00] Why being intentional helps so much when it comes to keeping you in a secure attachment style.

[06:30] Which emotional triggers are most likely to jolt you out of one attachment style into another.

[09:14] A technique to help you avoid the messiest problems of co-parenting or parallel parenting.

[11:42] Why it’s never too late to show your kids what it’s like to be truly secure. [12:37] Why securely attached adults tend to believe that romantic love will always endure.

[14:52] The key behaviors of The Secure Attachment Style.


Haven't Listened to This Episode? Listen Now!

Already listened & looking for the resource for this week's episode? Here it is!


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