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What are the Four Attachment Styles? Ep: 113

There are four basic attachment styles.

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What to Expect This Episode:

Which One Of These Attachment Styles Is Yours?

Here’s Why These 4 Attachment Styles Are So Helpful To Know:

Have you ever thought about how you relate to other people? Have you considered the ways you either trust or hold back trust, and how ingrained patterns of behavior set the tone for your relationships? If so, one of the big pieces of how this takes place is your attachment style.

We all have one. Attachment styles begin to form when we are very young. The way they develop shape our security, our ability to deal with stress, how we set boundaries and more.

There are four basic attachment styles. Secure, anxious, avoidant and fearful. The benefit of knowing which attachment style you resonate with the most is the reward of self-knowledge. This self-knowledge can help you avoid hurtful relationships and make your existing ones even better.

To get started, so you can discover more about the styles, please join us for this special podcast. If you’ve ever wondered why you want to be close to someone but push them away because you’re afraid of getting hurt… If you’ve ever been hesitant to open up and share your emotions… And if you’ve ever wondered what might be holding you back from enjoying the kind of relationship you know is possible...

Let’s look at these attachment styles so you can better understand some of the things happening in your life.

In this special podcast, you’ll discover:

Which one of the four attachment styles you most closely relate to.

Why it can sometimes be so difficult to trust somebody.

The different ways insecurity can poison a relationship.

Why it can be so easy to misinterpret your partner’s behaviors.

So, get comfortable, find a quiet place to relax and spend some time with us on this podcast. There’s a gift for you when you join us. You’ll get a tool that reviews the different attachment styles so you can self-assess for a better understanding. And in the weeks ahead, we’ll take a closer look at each style so you can learn even more. xoxo Kierstyn and Tiffany


Listener Favorite Moments:

[2:15-3:11]- Attachment template can evolve and change based on experiences and may differ between relationships️ ️️️

[8:15-9:21]- Wonderful parents, perfectionism played a role and carried into marriage️️️ ️️

[15:47-17:35]-No shame on you or your parents for insecure style…insecure attachment styles does not = bad parents/caregivers️️


Haven't Listened to This Episode? Listen Now!

Already listened & looking for the resource for this week's episode? Here it is!


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