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Toxic Friendships Break Hearts Too Ep: 142

What happens when friendships turn toxic?

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What to Expect This Episode:

Friendships are often seen as sources of joy, support, and companionship, but what happens when they turn toxic? Toxic friendships can be just as emotionally draining and detrimental as toxic romantic or family relationships. In this podcast episode, we delve into the world of toxic friendships, shedding light on the importance of recognizing and addressing them.

Perhaps you've been feeling that something isn't quite right in your friendship. It might feel one-sided, with you always giving but receiving very little in return. Maybe there's an overwhelming sense of negativity that lingers whenever you interact with your friend. If any of this resonates with you, then this episode is for you!

During this episode, we explore real-life experiences and tackle a listener's question about dealing with a jealous friend. Jealousy, manipulation, constant negativity, and a lack of support are just a few of the common warning signs of a toxic friendship that we emphasize. It's vital to recognize these signs early on because toxic friendships can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being.

We provide six practical tips for handling toxic friendships. First and foremost, it's crucial to be able to identify these toxic behaviors in your friendship. Once you've recognized the signs, setting clear boundaries becomes essential. Communicating your feelings openly with your friend can also be a powerful step towards resolving issues and potentially salvaging the friendship.

Seeking support from trusted individuals, such as other friends, a therapist, or a coach, can provide you with the guidance and encouragement needed to navigate this challenging situation. Sometimes, considering a bit of distance may be necessary to protect your emotional health, and don't hesitate to prioritize self-care and self-reflection throughout the process. After all, ending a toxic friendship can be just as heart-wrenching as ending a romantic relationship, and healing should always be a priority.

We aim to empower listeners to recognize the signs of a toxic friendship, take action to protect their well-being, and ultimately pave the way for healthier, more fulfilling connections in their lives. Remember, your mental and emotional health should always come first, even when it means letting go of toxic friendships that break your heart.

xoxo Kierstyn and Tiffany


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Haven't Listened to This Episode? Listen Now!

Already listened & looking for the resource for this week's episode? Here it is!


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